This is my now page, where I’ll keep you up to date on what is going on in my life, well, now. Some credit should go to Derek Sivers and Gregory Brown for the inspiration to create such a page (see 

Last updated: 9th of April, 2024

I currently live slightly north of Copenhagen with my wife Antonina, and our dog Tommy, a toothless poodle we adopted. He is cuter than he sounds. 

In addition, I am currently working on Denmark&Me with my wife Antonina. We are on a mission to fix a bunch of the problems related to moving to Denmark that no-one else has fixed so far.

First up: The language. It is damn hard to learn, but mostly because there are very few good resources available out there, so we decided to create our own.

For now, we publish the Simple Danish Podcast to teach you about Denmark and Danish pronunciation at the same time, and the Simple Danish Newsletter to teach you the rest (did I mention that Antonina is a kick-ass polyglot, has a Masters degree in linguistics, and has taught hundreds of students already?). I just like making websites, and by chance, I speak Danish. She’s the brains, I’m the “muscle”. 

The response to both has been absolutely overwhelmingly positive, so we are just going as fast as we can, but it is very rewarding, and I truly feel this might be something I can do forever. 

We are working on writing a number of small books, so let me know if you have any experience with self-publishing. 

GivEffektivt that I co-founded (you can read all about that process here on this webpage) is running well! We are nearing a milestone of 3 million DKK in donations forwarded to Give Well charities (441k USD / 402k EUR) which is huge for us. 

I have stepped down from all daily operations and it is now being run by a very competent and talented team. The same goes for Effective Altruism Denmark. They are now both in good hands, and I am proud to see both of the organisations thriving. 

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