Hi, I’m Rasmus,

I am a bioengineer, artist, and aspiring writer. I enjoy digging deep into the why’s of the world around us, learning and exploring the principles that let us live happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives.

I co-founded the two Danish philanthropic initiatives Effective Altruism Denmark, and GRØN, and I am currently documenting the process of starting a nonprofit.

I’m an advocate for useful ideas and original thoughts. This site hosts my writing, exploring the central question, “How can we live more meaningful lives?”.

My writing focuses on topics like…

  • How to learn anything and everything
  • How to leverage compounding systems in your life
  • How to have a positive impact on the world
  • How to accomplish more in less time
  • How we can live happier, healthier, more meaningful lives
  • How to discover what truly matters (to you).

You can start by reading my articles or consider joining the other people receiving my newsletter every sunday. It’s an email with a few thoughts, reflections, and curated links to interesting books, articles and podcasts I’ve enjoyed that week.




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